Terms & Conditions

We have created terms and conditions to protect the interest of our customers, our company, and any other third party who may be involved in the delivery, production or servicing of the products which are offered on our platform. The digital consumer market is developing continuously, and it is our duty to keep our terms and conditions up to date to ensure a positive experience for all the parties involved. Ordering an item on this platform gives rise to a contract of sale between View Perspective Marketing Pty. Ltd, also known as Retro Retro (referred to as buyer and seller) and the customer (referred to as buyer, debtor, purchaser). The terms and condition of the contract are as follows:

1.The object of sale


The products listed on this platform are for sale subject to their availability and therefore a valid contract of will not arise even the customer has placed an order or deposited the funds. In such a case the seller will be liable to credit the customer for the performance. Credit can be in the form of a reversal of funds or a credit voucher (i.e. Coupon).

Sizes and variations

As the seller we are committed to providing sufficient and relevant information about the products so he or she can make an informed purchasing decision therefore we do not accept requests for exchange or refund on the basis of the item not fitting the customer. The sizing guides for garments are based on the size number that is written on the object of sale, however in the case were there is no size is on the item or the written size has a discrepancy, the seller will assign a size using his or her experienced judgement. In such a case the newly appointed size becomes the documented size of the item.

Incorrect orders

In the case where the purchaser will has placed an order for the incorrect product, he or she may request for such an order to be changed while it is “pending”. Once the order is “completed” the request cannot be accepted. Refund or exchange will not be an available remedy in these circumstances.

Latent defects

The products listed on this platform have been examined for defects and then accurately photographed to portray them as closely to reality as possible given the subsequent lighting conditions in the studio. The shop manager reviews the products and indicates a rating which is in the product’s description.  As a result of these control measures, the company is confident that all products are free of latent defects and are in working condition. The products are sold as portrayed, in their current condition, the company will not exchange or refund the customer for latent defects which were originally documented and made visible either expressly or tactically.

2. The purchase price

The listed price is the price of the item excluding VAT. The cost of delivery is subject to the destination which it will be delivered too, major city areas in South Africa are charged a standard delivery fee and areas outside major city areas in South Africa will be charged an additional surcharge which is calculated by the delivery service provider.

3. Payment

All sales are payable by EFT and direct deposit in the View Perspective Marketing bank account, however local deliveries are afforded the option of “cash on delivery”.  It is the customer’s responsibility to send the proof of payment along with the order number to admin@retroretro.co.za or Whatsapp 084 258 5566 ASAP as the order will be incomplete until the subsequent proof has been received or the funds have been reflected on the bank account.

4. Passing of risk:

Where the object of sale is definite, its price is determined and the customer has completed the ordering process, risk of accidental damage to, or loss of the object of sale will be passed to the purchaser. If accidental damage or loss of the object of sale were to take place the purchaser will be liable to perform their obligation. Accidental damage may include, but not limited to where the object is stolen, object is lost in delivery, object is destroyed by an act of God.   

5. Delivery

Once the status of the order has been changed to complete, we will then prepare your purchase for delivery, which may take between 2-9 days depending on the destination and the subsequent delivery method.  You will receive an email or WhatsApp with a tracking number which you may use to trace your purchase and as proof of delivery. Complete orders are processed and taken to the courier service provider within 24 hours. In the event whereby the courier service provider fails to delivery the object of sale within the prescribed time frame or it is lost in transit, we will not be liable as the contract of sale is perfecta. However, in such a case we will do everything in our capacity to identify the status and where abouts of the object of sale.

Orders which are completed after 16:00 on a Thursday or Friday may be take an additional two or three days to be delivered since courier service providers do not collect goods after 12:00 on a Friday and do operate over the weekend as well as public holidays.  

6. Copyright restriction

All content including but not limited to, multimedia, written, audio, visual and intellectual property that is on this platform (retroretro.co.za), instagram (@retroretro.za), Retro Retro Magazine or any other product is copyright protected. Any legal or juristic person who shares, quotes, cites, uses, or replicates this content for commercial, non-commercial, personal, educational, or non-profit use, with or without referencing Retro Retro will be in breach of the restriction. Retro Retro may take legal action against the offender.

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