The Retro way to work

As the year comes to a draw many hopeful graduates are getting ready to join the working environment in 2019. Whether you have hooked a career-igniting internship or you have earned a permanent position at your current job, you need to stand out in the office next year! Most up to date organizations have cultures that welcome and encourage individuality, however, most corporate environments have strict codes of conducts that reject any type of experimentation, this means that you have to sharpen your style-eye so that you can find a Retro way to work.

How to wear “Ex-Boyfriend Jeans”

Ex-boyfriend jeans put a literal meaning to the name ‘boyfriend jeans’. They are sculpted from the vintage Levis men’s 501, 505 and 550 – we elasticate the waist which creates a more secure fit. However, that was what we did in summer, it’s winter now which means long pants and wider cuts but how do you keep size 34 around a 30 waist? With a couple of washing pegs of course. Although it isn’t their purpose to hold up clothes against a person’s body, the idea doesn’t seem so far fetched since at some point all denim is hung up on a washing line with pegs.

Retros sometimes fall into the habit of playing it safe when in fact they should be setting trends for the culture as a whole. “Weird” is cool, it’s been cool for a while now because people have become too tolerant of the “normal” approach to fashion. Be daring, be bold, be different.

*Retros are people who religiously wear vintage fashion.