How to wear “Ex-Boyfriend Jeans”

Ex-boyfriend jeans put a literal meaning to the name ‘boyfriend jeans’. They are sculpted from the vintage Levis men’s 501, 505 and 550 – we elasticate the waist which creates a more secure fit. However, that was what we did in summer, it’s winter now which means long pants and wider cuts but how do you keep size 34 around a 30 waist? With a couple of washing pegs of course. Although it isn’t their purpose to hold up clothes against a person’s body, the idea doesn’t seem so far fetched since at some point all denim is hung up on a washing line with pegs.

Retros sometimes fall into the habit of playing it safe when in fact they should be setting trends for the culture as a whole. “Weird” is cool, it’s been cool for a while now because people have become too tolerant of the “normal” approach to fashion. Be daring, be bold, be different.

*Retros are people who religiously wear vintage fashion.

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